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I have just finished my year's training for Daisy with Shauna. She has been such a great help. Daisy has always been very wary of Shauna for some reason, but Shauna has been so patient with her. It's a pleasure to go on walks now, as I no longer have to worry what Daisy will do when she meets another dog. Shauna has said I can call her anytime I need can't ask for more than that. She is definitely a great ambassador for Barkbusters and a lovely person too.
M.F., Seaford, East Sussex 13th December 2016
Trainer's Comments
Maureen has put in a lot of work with Daisy this last year. By finding the time to take Daisy out on her own and really focus on training has really paid off. The difference in Daisy is remarkable she's such a calm and relaxed girl these days. Well done!

Our dog Yogi started showing aggression towards other dogs both on and off the lead so much so that I was too frightened and nervous to walk him on the lead. I can't believe it's been only 7 days since Shauna's first visit showing us the training instructions to be followed which will allow Yogi eventually to interact with other dogs. I am now gaining the confidence and leadership skills shown by Shauna and for the last 6 days I have walked Yogi around our village using the advise given. I understand we have a long road ahead but with Shauna's techniques I'm fully confident we will achieve our goal.

H.B., Crawley, West Sussex 29th November 2016

We have a very loving yet very protective miniature dachshund who suffers with seperation anxiety and barking issues. Since having Shauna help us Chip has improved massively, we can now have people over and it be less stressful as he stops barking after 5minutes now where as he would be non stop before! We are still tackling leaving him in the house when we go out as currently unable to do so but theres inprovment. Shauna is lovely and so helpful and full of great little tips and ideas. Thankyou for taking on my stubborn yet beautiful pooch!

D.O., Lancing, West Sussex 24th October 2016

Trainer very informative and could answer our all questions easy to get on with which gave us confidence in our training , a likable personality

T.B., Horley, Surrey 27th July 2016

Excellent, Barney is such a changed dog its now a pleasure to go for a walk with him without worrying about him kicking off at other dogs, he has still a way to go before he his the perfect dog. THANK YOU.

P.W., LANCING, West Sussex 4th July 2016

I just wanted to write to say a big thank you for helping us with Bruno and Bea. You have given us the support and confidence we need to train the puppies to become well mannered dogs. Knowing that you are there whenever we need your help is invaluable. The Bark busters method is excellent and quick too. Thank you for your patience and kindness. It's a relief to know that when the door bell rings they will behave well!! We are looking forward to taking them out and feeling that we have the control!

C.G., worthing, West Sussex 21st May 2016

All very interesting. All explained well and reasons why training done in certain way. Diet issues were addressed and have changed to more natural foods. She seems much calmer. Main problem jumping up and finger nipping addressed and have been using intervention suggestions which are showing signs of improvement especially at home. Still having some problems when out walking but still early days. Am being consistent and feeling positive. Recall still a bit 50/50.
D.L., Tadworth, Surrey 18th May 2016

OMG I have a different dog! The commands are working well and she is taking notice. Hollie was not my dog as a pup so I wasn't able to teach her to walk on a lead? She was pulling on the lead and I could not control her, she would literally pull me over, once breaking my wrist. Just one visit from Shauna and her recommendation for the ideal collar, my life with my dog has changed and I am not afraid to take her out on the lead any longer. It was the best thing That could have happened to me and my dog.
C.P., Burgess Hill, West Sussex 12th March 2016

Shauna has been really helpful with our German Shepherd who had quite bad lead aggression, pulling and growling when he saw other dogs on the lead. With the techniques that Shauna has taught me I no longer feel a sense of panic when I see another dog on a lead coming and have much better confidence and control. He has improved so much! Thank you!!

V.H., Warninglid, West Sussex 26th January 2016

When Shauna visited Charlie changed in 2 hours. He is now more calm and relaxed. And he tend to listen more :) We've been doing the exercises she left us with and he is getting better.... It's amazing how small things can make big difference. Thank you Shauna!
M.M., horley, Surrey 21st January 2016

What a difference. Within a few days of Shauna's visit it was like we had different dogs in the house. Still a few problems on the walk but Shauna came back for another session and gave us specific help with the walk. Improvement already but still work to do. This isn't a miracle cure but we now have the right tools to train ur dogs and they really do work. Thank you so much
M.G., Rustington, West Sussex 16th January 2016

I thought at one time that Jaspher was going to be one of those dogs that doesn't respond to training/commands. Having followed the advice and guidance of jasphers therapist over the last few weeks, he has proved me wrong. I feel far more confidant now when walking with him on the lead and my walks have been far more pleasurable. We still have a way to go with other issues but it has to be one step at a time it can't be rushed. I am prepared to do what it takes to help Jaspher overcome his problems.
J.L., Pease pottage, West Sussex 9th January 2016

Shauna visited us at home to offer support with puppy obedience skills. She was supportive, professional and her advice and guidance was invaluable. By the end of the session I had clear guidance about how to support my puppy and to reduce any unwanted behaviours to keep him safe. Having the 1:1 support meant that I was able to get constructive feedback and support to ensure that I was able to continue these skills afterwards. I have also been able to share them with family so that my puppy has consistency in his care.

N.E., Crawley, West Sussex 4th December 2015

After the first session we could see Cody was responding slowly and could see he was taking new words we have been teaching him. Can't wait to see a massive change in a few months. Thanks
M.D., Crawley, West Sussex 17th November 2015

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