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Reviews Bark Busters Dog Training Brighton - Shaina Hoey

Poppy is much more manageable now. She was very 'Puppy' like & walks weren't enjoyable - too many distractions & she'd run off without the lead or pull our arms off on the lead. We have had 2 sessions with Shauna & the difference is massive. We still have some work to do but I suspect within 2-3 months & perhaps one or two more sessions with Shauna we'll be there! We've also been educated on food, toys etc and as Poppy was our first dog, that was really helpful as she now gets just what she needs. Thanks!

H.J., Caterham, Surrey 29th September 2018

Shauna arrived, made us feel at ease, talked through about Hector & what we think he needs.

G.G., Brighton, East Sussex 2nd July 2018

Shauna has been fantastic with training Bobby who had a problem with eating things from bits of tennis ball pieces of fabric etc but now with Shauna's help and expertise I can see an improvement with him that had made a massive difference .I could not recommend Shauna highly enough she has been a god send.

H.B., Worthing, West Sussex 3rd January 2018

Shauna has helped us to understand Reggie's behaviour and to respond consistently. He has learnt his boundaries in the home and responds well when out and about. I would recommend her to anyone. Reg definitely knows she is the boss and never dares to misbehave during sessions! Shauna is always available to offer support and advice .
C.W., Coulsdon, Surrey 30th November 2017

3 days ago Shauna visited myself and my lovely but very energetic and anxious little Cockapoo, Raymond. Within the time Shauna was here Raymond's behaviour changed so much for the better and even though this is just the start and he has a long way to go, I am so so impressed at the difference in him after just a few days. Shauna is so personable and non judgemental that I felt completely comfortable and so pleased we made the investment to get Raymond this training.

R.M., Bognor Regis, West Sussex 10th November 2017

We have now been working with Shauna for about a month or so and I must say the improvement in our two pooches has been amazing. We were on the verge of seriously considering our future with them both. We had an issue with one misplaced aggression and the other who just wouldn't leave her alone and wound her up to become aggressive. We also hadn't realised until Shauna arrived that unbeknown to us they had us wrapped round their little paws! We have regained the respect from them as owners and real changes are taking place. Our confidence has grown and the dogs confidence in us as owners has grown too. We are really looking forward to our future with them and continuing to work with Shauna. On top of all of this the level of knowledge Shauna has passed on about nutrition, behaviours, body language, and the list goes on! Cannot recommend working with Shauna enough.. happy pups and happy owners!
C.W., Brighton, East Sussex 8th November 2017

Shauna has been fantastic, Stanley was a good dog, but having had a new baby in the house it had left him unsettled. Mixed with sleepless nights from a new-born and a woofing dog, we felt lost. After just one session Stanley was a new dog, we had restored power and he was calmer and much happier for it. She has since helped with his re-call, separation anxiety, walking on a lead and his behaviour in public. We have spoken monthly and its been fantastic knowing she was there if we needed her and her training has helped Stanley so much, other people now comment on how well behaved he is and the changes they have seen in him and we feel more confident dog owners for it. Hugely recommend!!!!! Thank you
J.B., Horley, Surrey 7th November 2017

We desperately needed help as we brought over our two dogs from South Africa and they were both used to the wild and free farm life. Moving to the U.K. with them was a big adjustment for all of us. We watched many dog training shows and wondered if we should do it or not. We made the decision and found Bark Busters. Soon, a lovely lady, Shauna, came to our rescue. She tough us so much and helped us, she also gave us the confidence to proceed. She show d us that the impossible is most certainly possible. Our little devils soon turned in to these two angels! We worked hard and long but we all won in the end. We would just like to thank Shauna for all her help and encouragement. I will recommend her work to anyone, please don’t give up on your 4 legged family members!
S.B., Merstham, Surrey 7th November 2017

Shauna was very good with Kara and showed us what to do. She explained everything to us and Kara is coming along well
A.S., Crawley, West Sussex 6th November 2017

Shauna was really helpful, teaching us techniques to reduce Phoebe's barking and jumping. It was so effective she became a model dog and Shauna struggles to see her misbehaving!
A.M., Seaford, East Sussex 10th July 2017

Really excellent, surpassed all our expectations by miles!
J.K., Brighton, East Sussex 12th May 2017

Our dog came from a rescue centre and suffers from anxiety and fear of strangers causing him to be aggressive. He was the same with Shauna who could not even reach into her bag without him barking. After one session he was sitting next to her and she could move around the room without reaction. An immediate improvement with visitors was noticed. He also improved outdoors with cyclists and joggers and we haven't even done any specific work on that yet. Advice on diet also seems to have helped calm him down. There is still work to do but the difference after one session was beyond our wildest dreams
J.D., Brighton, East Sussex 3rd May 2017

Shauna was calm, kind, easy to get on with, she listened to what I had to say, she had empathy with me and the dogs - her training methods were immediately effective and her future plans for us all were entirely manageable. We have put training in place and it is working - thank you
K.W., Redhill, Surrey 22nd February 2017

Shauna was excellent with Toby and gave us lots of great advice. We will look forward to more training sessions with Shauna soon.
J.S., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 6th February 2017

On our first meeting, Shauna came across as a warm friendly enthusiastic lady which put me at ease straight away. Shauna explained things in the simplest way of training. At the end of our training lesson I noticed already an improvement especially with Sully walking and not pulling so much on his lead. Now after a few weeks, I'm actually enjoying walking with Sully and not coming home with a sore shoulder.
C.S., Chatham, Kent 18th December 2016

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