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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

Shauna was brilliant! She listened to our fears and concerns about our dog's behaviour and got straight to work on finding solutions. The results were instant. Buddy's well behaved, we are less stressed about his behaviour and we feel more confident and in control of our lovely little dog.

H.B., Bognor Regis, West Sussex 28th June 2019

Shauna called before arrival Sat and discussed my dogs problems, my dogs background How she acts in certain situations What she likes & dislikes Shauna then introduced herself to my dog and we put training in to action, Shauna was very clear with what I needed to do in certain situations and left a hand written action plan for me to refer back to. My dog is responding really well with the exercises we have been given, I have needed to email Shauna as we had a situation that I didnt know how to deal with, she kindly mailed back with suggestions. My house is allot calmer already for the training and its only been a few days in, we look forward to our next training session. I would recommend their services to anyone so long as you are prepared to put in the training each day. My dog is happier too having rules and boundaries with lots of praise, Shauna also suggested puzzles for my dog, she loves this, a happier home all round so far so good. We wish we called them earlier. Money well spent

C.H., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 17th June 2019

Shauna was brilliant right from the beginning. Spent time getting to know us before the dogs and has given us some really clear instructions to be followed over the first 2-3 weeks which are already paying off. Gradual progress and that's exactly what I had hoped for. Looking forward to seeing Shauna again soon.

L.B., Eastbourne, East Sussex 30th April 2019

Not enough words cover how amazing Shauna is!! My dogs had been great, no issues as I’ve always trained my dogs myself. Then I got Mabel spayed and she turned into bossy, hormonal teenager! She started jumping on Marmite and attacking him and this made me lose confidence in my ability so consequently was letting her get away with things she shouldn’t and not being in charge. After one awful fight in the field I contacted bark busters and Shauna came to see us. Shauna is just brilliant, she showed me how to be back in control of Mabel again and to show I was pack leader, within 5 minutes of working on Mabel she was back to my lovely girl again. Shauna is so nice and encouraging, she didn’t make me feel I done anything wrong, she just showed me how to go to next level with Mabel who was pushing all the boundaries. She left me training which I do every day and I have calmer, happier dogs! Still things to work on but with Shauna helping I have my beautiful well behaved dogs back. Shauna is just fantastic, I can’t say how grateful I am to her, just amazing!

L.B., Henfield, West Sussex 13th April 2019

Meeting Shauna has been extremely beneficial. She was very easy going and clear and explained everything with notes and practical demo's. But more than that, the techniques are working and although we realise that it will take a lot of consistent input, Percy understands the basic concepts of what she has taught us and is responding like a little star! As Shauna summed up, he's not a bad dog he just needs some guidance. Thank shauna.

L.A., BRIGHTON, East Sussex 3rd April 2019

Very interesting and informative. Shauna is so experienced and completely understood our problem. We look forward to working with her and feel confident she will help us reach our goals.

S.D., Eastbourne, East Sussex 25th February 2019

5 stars for Shauna.. After meeting her and going through the issues I have with Maisie, I feel totally confident that in time these issues will be eradicated through Shauna's knowledge of training Maisie. I felt totally at ease and enjoyed putting into practice Shauna's advice. I am looking forward to hopefully passing other dogs with no aggressive barking from Maisie.

S.B., Brighton, East Sussex 27th January 2019

Excellent really helped, great suggestions, showed us how to do things differently. Reassured us about Kiri's behaviour

H.O., Crawley, West Sussex 23rd January 2019

We were very impressed with Shauna and look forward to working with her. She has a very easygoing manner and didn’t make us feel inadequate at all unlike some trainers.

L.F., Southwater, West Sussex 17th January 2019

Where do I start! We've only had one lesson so far and already there is a marked improvement in Jake and Stanley. Shauna is just amazing! She totally understood what we were saying and is so knowledgeable, being able to email her with any issues and her having the answer is great. Not only did we sit and explain the issues we were having she also showed us some training to be getting on with and it's helped so much.... We've got the second lesson booked for the new year and can't wait to show her how well things are going... I'm so glad I emailed Bark Busters, it's a relief to know you've got backing when you need it.... Thank you everyone!

B.S., Punnetts Town, East Sussex 22nd December 2018

Sauna was brilliant. My dog and I both felt safe and comfortable with her right from the start. She gave us both a feeling of support and encouragement and never made me feel a fool because of my disabilities. The 'tools' she gave me for my dogs problem behaviour were simple, clear and almost instantly effective. we have worked hard every day since and the difference in my dog is nothing short of miraculous! He feels like a different dog!

J.L., Tonbridge, Kent 19th December 2018

Shauna was very patient with us as there was quite a few of us,she explained what we must do and the the best ways to achieve our goals,it's early days but we are seeing progress and we are looking forward to our next lesson.

L.T., Merstham, Surrey 13th December 2018

Shauna was brilliant. I’ve never seen a dog change behaviour so quickly. She left me with training to do with rubble for the next 3 weeks and he is doing so well I couldn’t have done it without her help.

S.C., Lancing, West Sussex 6th November 2018

We had our first visit today from Shauna and all I can is wow for the first time since having the dogs I can actually see a future where we can walk our dogs happily with our children in tow. I can’t wait to put all the advice into practice on our new journey. Thank you is was great to meet you

S.P., Newhaven, East Sussex 8th October 2018

We got Hector a rescue Jack Russell, who was great, then had a bit of a problem with aggression, and recall as we did not know what he was called before....We called Bark Busters and around came Shauna, she has such a way with animals they just seem to be calm and happy around her. Hector is at most times a happy relaxed dog, recall is much better now and long lead work has really helped.

G.G., Brighton, East Sussex 3rd October 2018

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