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Welcome to the Bark Busters Home Dog Training Brighton. I'm Shauna and I'm your local dog trainer and behaviour therapist.

No doubt if you've found yourself on my Brighton dog training website you are looking for help with your four legged friend. By now you've probably tried dog training / obedience classes and maybe even watched the TV programmes telling you how to help you get that perfect dog.

Your dog wasn't born naughty he's just misunderstood and cannot understand what we're trying to communicate. With my help I can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way that he will understand, to get the end result you want.

I have been training dogs for many years, using the same easy-to-follow techniques that have the lasting results each time. Initially I started a carrier with horses after gaining my BSc. Shortly after gaining my degree my dog was attacked and I sought advice to get him back on track. The training worked so well and was easy to understand that I decided to have a career change and help others who have been in the same boat as me.

I will help you to communicate with your dog in an easy way that he can understand and to show you the "why" behind the behaviour. We can then resolve any problems together with our fast acting and long lasting methods. The training is tailored to your needs, as I understand each dog is different. I will look into each aspect of your dog's life so we can tailor the training programme to suit you and your dog. The training is at your own pace, ensuring you get the most out of experience and lasting results.

I work in and around the Brighton area. My methods are positive, rewarding and totally hands off until it's time to give them lots of cuddles for their good behaviour. I have worked with all shapes and sizes, with nearly any issue you can think of. Nothing is out of reach for us to concur. I can help with anything from toilet training, pulling on the lead to aggression, recall and much more… Even if you just wanted to give your new family member the best start in life contact me today to see how I can help.

Bark Busters Support Guarantee

You only pay once and I return free of charge until you’re happy that the problem is resolved. Not only that, if your dog develops a new or different problem, it’s all covered on the support guarantee too; at no additional cost!


Could this be YOU?

You know your dog is a good dog – even a GREAT dog most of the time but possibly it is that 5% that seems to make him a challenge.
Possibly he exhibits:

  • AGGRESSION - toward family, strangers, resident or unfamiliar dogs
  • BARKING - at people, dogs, everyday sounds – you name it…
  • PULLING ON LEAD – dragging you down the street
  • STEALS FOOD – from counters, tables or even the kids
  • FOOD AGGRESSION – toward humans or dogs
  • POSSESSIVE - of toys, people, objects
  • FEARFUL - of people, noises, situations
  • CHARGES & BARKS AT THE FRONT DOOR when visitors arrive
  • JUMPS UP ON PEOPLE or is exuberant to a fault
  • NIPS or BITES - at hands, ankles, clothing
  • LACK OF FOCUS – doesn’t listen or only obeys on his terms
  • DESTRUCTIVE - Digs in the yard or chews on the furniture
  • TOILETS IN THE HOUSE - whether as a puppy or an adult
  • SEPARATION ANXIETY – destructive or barks when left alone

Bark Busters has fixed the above dog behaviour issues for hundreds of clients in the Brighton area!

I help dog owners like you regain control in their home. I work with aggressive dogs, deaf dogs, rescue dogs and breeds/temperaments refused by other dog behaviour trainers. Yorkies to Mastiffs to Mixes, and lovable labs – all respond to the Bark Busters training methods. Through Bark Busters Warrington, I have helped hundreds of dog owners to overcome virtually every conceivable dog behaviour problem.

Even if other dog training has failed, call Bark Busters Home Dog Training!

Rate your dog

QuizTry our dog behaviour quiz and see how your dog rates! Is your dog an angel or a rebel? Click here to complete a quick quiz. The results will be e-mailed to you.


Lifetime support guarantee

guarantee-smallThe Bark Busters worldwide dog behaviour training support guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog behaviour issues and dog obedience issues and to provide our customers with ongoing peace of mind.

After the first session we could see Cody was responding slowly and could see he was taking new words we have been teaching him. Can't wait to see a massive change in a few months. Thanks.
M.P, Seaford, East Sussex
The techniques were so simple but effective, we were both amazed how easy it was. Our GSD's who are brothers still have the odd growl at each other but we have no more nasty fights and diesel is so much more relaxed now that he doesnt have to deal with fritz alone now we are his back up! visitors also comment on what a difference it has made. Its still early days but we are all so much more relaxed now we know how to spot the trouble signs early on and know how to deal with it, and so far so good.
M.M, Hailsham, East Sussex

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